Cohort Experience

The UK-UofL Executive MBA takes students through their curriculum in a cohort based model, but what does that actually mean?

Loosely defined, a cohort is a group of associates, but in an educational environment it inevitably becomes so much more. In terms of schedule, students go through the same sequences of classes together from orientation to graduation. They have the opportunity to genuinely connect on personal and professional levels. The program sponsors a number of social events throughout the year to encourage informal interaction between current students, alumni and faculty supporting the program. Students are also placed into a study team during orientation, which provides a supportive environment for challenging assignments, group projects, and other needs throughout the 20 month program.

With this unique environment each cohort in UK-UofL Executive MBA has a tendency to become the best class ever, providing lifelong ties to the educational experience and the professional network created during the experience.

“The class discussion is where the learning happens, its not just being lectured at. Everybody is bringing their experiences and their different industry knowledge, so they have some value to contribute back to the class.”

Susan Zearfoss
UK-UofL EMBA Class of ’15