Ashok Kalidasan

Ashok Kalidasan

Ashok Kalidasan, class of 2019, brings a IT focused management background to the program. With both domestic and international experience, his background has been effectively augmented by his time in the UK-UofL Executive MBA. Hear how in his own words below. 

What has been your most valuable experience in the UK-UofL Executive MBA program to date?

The cohort model has been my most valuable experience in the UK-UofL Executive MBA program, even more so than the academic content. It has enriched my experience with the shared wealth of knowledge from the class, and open discussion about various topics with the experienced professionals from various industries. Moreover, the program offered highly qualified professors from both universities. I get to work with people from various industries and classmates already at an executive leadership level in their current job, which is a rewarding experience. This program helped me to develop my presentation skills, decision-making skills and to build my professional network. This is the best professional decision I have made so far.

What made you decide to pursue your MBA and why the UK-UofL Executive MBA specifically?

My personal goal is to move up into a leadership role in my current organization which is based in Louisville, KY. I definitely wanted to pursue an MBA degree in the past to target this goal. More specifically, I wanted to get a degree from the best university in Kentucky.  The unique joint UK-UofL EMBA program offered by these two prestigious universities is the perfect answer to achieve my dream.

How has your academic experience translated into your professional role?

Prior to the enrolling in the UK-UofL Executive MBA, I was able to understand the corporate dynamics at a business unit level. The academic experience from the program and cohort knowledge sharing experience has given me many management tools. I can think big picture now and understand the enterprise-wide challenges. I strongly believe that I am well equipped to take up higher level roles in the organization, which is my short-term goal. I strongly believe this academic experience will help me to grow rapidly in my career.