Marilyn Clark

Marilyn Clark

Are you a “LEX18 True Blue Fan”? Have you ever had movie night at Jacobson Park during Free Friday Flix? If so, credit the marketing campaigns generated by UK-UofL Executive MBA student Marilyn Clark.

Along with starting numerous local television stations across the country and several community programs, those are just a couple of the local Lexington, KY initiatives Clark helped generate.

“I’m a very big picture kind of person,” Clark said.  “I like to build things from nothing to make it work and then it’s time to find another challenge.”

Currently, Clark is the Manager of Economic Development and Supplier Diversity at Fayette County Public Schools. In this role, she routinely works with local businesses to supply Fayette County Public Schools with the goods and services needed to operate which in turn generates revenue back into the local economy. Her latest challenge is to provide Lexington’s public schools and its students an engaging environment as well as the lasting tools for their continued success. 

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