Stacie Tucker

Stacie Tucker

Stacie Tucker, a leader in Case Management from Louisville, KY, brings a focus on excellence in both healthcare and administration to the current class of the UK-UofL Executive MBA. She shares her thoughts on the experience leading up to her graduation in Spring 2019. 


What has been your most valuable experience in the UK-UofL Executive MBA program to date?

The most valuable experience in the UK-UofL Executive MBA program is the ability to interact with fellow colleagues from various industries as well as the academic faculty. The participants in the program come from healthcare, state government, health plans and manufacturing companies. As a nurse, I did not have this variety of leaders in my undergraduate studies.  Their experiences and knowledge allow the cohort to learn from one another. This makes the learning real and not just textbook knowledge.

The faculty in the program is extremely knowledgeable and are dedicated to working with adult learners. They ensure each student is successful throughout the program. They are committed that you have the tools needed to be that well rounded executive. The EMBA is not for the weak at heart. It is for those who are dedicated to improving oneself and becoming that C-level leader.

What made you decide to pursue your MBA and why the UK-U of L Executive MBA specifically?

As a clinician in healthcare, I was not exposed to the business aspect of my career. Knowing the lack of familiarity with key business and operational functions, I chose to pursue my MBA. This program has challenged me in multiple ways to step out of my comfort zone and gain the knowledge that I needed to become more of that well rounded leader. The UK-UL Executive MBA program interested me specifically because I have the privilege to learn with fellow executives with years of experience in various fields. The cohort is made up of mature adult learners who bring their experiences and leadership styles to the classroom making it a unique learning experience.

How has your academic experience translated into your professional role?

Since beginning my EMBA program, I have focused on the opportunities around healthcare from a more strategic business framework. I have focused on becoming a stronger leader in my organization, drawing on the skills that I have had the fortunate opportunity to acquire. Through this experience, I am a more confident leader and welcome the transition from the classroom to the board room.